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Locksmiths Torquay
Locksmiths Torquay
South West's largest independent fire & security company.
Protecting retailers and commercial properties from theft and fire.
Protecting homes and residential properties for over 20 years.
Public Sector
The best fire and security systems to ensure the safety of employees.
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Our locksmithing division encompasses both an in-house operation and mobile service, which is fast, efficient and reliable. It is based around a fleet of fully equipped rapid response vehicle workshops. Our many years experience in this trade enables us to provide a bespoke and flexible solution to all key and lock based security problems. Employing only fully qualified Master Locksmiths with over 50 years of experience between them, we are well qualified to provide advice, install systems, or let you back in to your property when you are locked out. 

Home Security is a question of deterring a potential burglar and moving them on to a softer target. This is done by ensuring that the front door has a mortice lock fitted to it so it is not easily forced, and by then preventing easy access to the more vulnerable rear of the property.

Window locks are also very important in making access difficult. It will always be possible for an intruder to break the window. What the window lock is there for is to ensure that the intruder cannot easily and quietly overcome the window. If the intruder has to a make noise breaking glass there is more chance of being caught, and since the number one priority of a criminal is not to get caught this is often enough to deter them.

If your home has good physical security integrated with a good quality NSI approved alarm system then you have created a massive deterrent as any criminal will know that the chances of breaking in are reduced and the possibility of being caught are greatly increased. This is where Crimehalt Fire & Security Ltd's expertise comes into its own in that we can specify and integrate both physical and electrical security to keep your home and family safe. 

Torquay Locksmiths

Locksmiths Torquay

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