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Alarm Installers Torquay

Alarm Installers Torquay
South West's largest independent fire & security company.
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Crimehalt Fire & Security Ltd Keyholding is the single point of contact for your keyholding and alarm response management. We are a flexible and innovative company dedicated to the provision of a quality service. We hold a full set of all keys, access tokens and alarm codes to allow immediate access to the premises following intruder alarm activation. All routine keyholding service tasks on site are completed without the need to involve the client’s own staff. 


Keyholding is an enormous responsibility to place on your staff. Is it reasonable to expect dedicated keyholding staff to be available 24/7? A keyholding duty not only interrupts valuable family time and restricts an employee’s free time, but it can have more serious consequences. Unpleasant and disruptive late night call-outs along with the uncertainty of what will be encountered, and the possibility of being placed in a high risk situation, all cause stress and anxiety to staff and family alike. By using Keyholding you can release your staff from this keyholding burden. No more high risk situations for your staff, which can enjoy their free time without the worry of being called to an active alarm. Keyholding offers total peace of mind, providing hassle-free, dedicated keyholding and alarm response. Peace of mind for your staff, and complete protection for your business premises.


The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) guidelines and revised health and safety responsibilities are now forcing companies to re-evaluate their keyholding arrangements. These new regulations make it more difficult for you to expect staff to attend high risk call-outs. A ‘Duty of Care’ places stringent requirements upon you, the employer, to protect your employees. The ACPO guidelines for Police attendance at alarm activations reduces allowable false alarms to just two over a rolling 12-month period. After this, Police response is withdrawn, and reinstated only when a secondary verification system has been installed. Companies must have two key-holders who can reach the premises within 20 minutes.

Contact our expert alarm installers today to find out more about how your business can benefit from an intruder alarm, with expandable systems at great prices, we provide you with a number 1 security service across Devon.

Torquay Alarm Installers

Alarm Installers Torquay

Alarm Installers Torquay

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