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CCTV Installer Devon

CCTV Installer Devon
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There’s so much equipment and different technologies available in the CCTV market and there are so many aspects to think about when it comes to CCTV. A typical CCTV System would consist of a Digital Video Recorder (DVR), Monitor and Cameras. 

Crimehalt Fire & Security Ltd are professional CCTV installers with extensive knowledge in this field. We keep a close eye on the market, due to the progression of the equipment available and only commit to using products that we have bench tested and approved. 

CCTV provides a source of evidence and therefore cuts down on burglaries, shoplifting, vandalism etc. In most cases a CCTV system will, in time pay for itself. 

DVR's record and store footage from CCTV cameras onto their internal hard drives. A DVR will record footage constantly. Once the hard drive has reached its capacity the DVR will then start to record over itself from the oldest point. 

DVR's playback functions operate in much the same way as a DVD player. They do have the added benefit of time & date search. Whilst in playback mode a DVR will continue to record all cameras connected to it. Saving footage could not be easier, some DVR's have CD or DVD writers others have a USB slot for a flash/pen drive and some have both. These writers are used to burn footage in the event of an incident.

DVR's can be networked over the internet using either a static or dynamic IP Address. Once set up the user would be able to access both live & recorded footage from any PC or most modern Mobile Phone with an internet connection. Accessing a DVR over the internet is secure and requires the user to enter their User Name and Password. 

Available in all sizes and various resolutions BNC Monitors considered Professional CCTV Monitors. BNC Monitors are more pricey than VGA Monitors, but most support audio and they will perform better over long cable runs. 

A VGA Monitor is the type of monitor used by your pc. You are most likely looking at a VGA monitor right now. On most occasions we would only use a VGA Monitor if the monitor was being installed close by to the digital recorder. VGA is limited to 30mtr cable runs. VGA Monitors do not always support audio.

CCTV Installer Devon

Devon CCTV Installer

CCTV Installer Devon

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